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"The content was great, and I believe that most of our members either heard new material or were given the opportunity to reexamine forgotten concepts.  On the whole, I could rate your presentation highly."

- Eric J. Newman, President, North Bay Association for Mortgage Brokers

"Your presence certainly helped to make the day a success. Your discussion of guerrilla marketing weapons and methods was pertinent to the issues facing today's business people. Our exit survey results reflected the praise I heard from many of the attendees.  The audience reaction to your speech was excellent and many commented on how refreshing it was to receive not only philosophy on how to run a business, but the tools and methods they can implement immediately to see results."

- Suzanne Clements, Retail Products Manager, 
The Wichita Eagle

"Marketing whiz wows area CEOs. Jay Levinson, customer analyst and author of  widely published books on 'guerrilla marketing,' won over 70 Atlanta-area chief executives Tuesday. He told them how to win over customers."

- Susan Harte, The Atlanta Journal

"Jay, thank you for your continued contribution to small biz. You are a joy to work with and I couldn't imagine the site without you."

- Kathleen Doll, Microsoft Small Biz Website Manager

"Jay, as one who has, if not made a living, at least made some money, out of writing, I have the greatest admiration for you, not just for who and what you are, but how cogently you have been able to put your great marketing ideas into such excellently received books."

- Gerardo Joffe, Author and successful entrepreneur

"No matter what business you're in, 'Guerrilla Marketing,' the bible of lively, low-cost marketing tips, is invaluable."

- Small Business section of The Los Angeles Times

"I have just finished reading, rereading, and poring over 'Guerrilla Marketing Excellence.'  What a great book!  You have taught me more than I ever knew about marketing.  I have just rewritten every ad for our business, reshaping each one to meet guerrilla specs."

- A Reader

"I just finished reading 'Guerrilla Marketing.'  Wow! I learned more about marketing from this book, in a week, than I did during my five years in college, and I was a marketing major!"

- A Reader

"I couldn't put your book, 'Guerrilla Marketing,' down.  I've found it to be the most valuable business book I've ever read.  I always suggest it to all my friends who are considering their own businesses."

- A Reader

"Thanks for your great book -- 'Guerrilla Marketing Weapons.' I've used it as my business bible for the last three years. Since first reading it, I've almost quadrupled my business."

- A Reader

"Levinson writes in a brash, staccato style....the author's dynamism carries the reader along, and he emphasizes that, to thrive, one must above all be flexible. And guerrillas never make changes simply for the sake of change. Those looking to gear down from the fast track will find Levinson's encouragement bracing."

- Publisher's Weekly

"This is an easy book to digest even if you are new to the 'guerrilla' series.  Ultimately, Levinson says, entrepreneurs will learn to take care of their employees, to take care of their customers, to have a personal life.  Success will follow.  His theories seem to be full of common sense policies and procedures, but few businesses actually operate by the maxims."

- USA Today

Dear Jay,

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I hope you're having a wonderful summer. Things on this end are fabulous. My On-Hold Marketing Systems and voice-over business are booming. I've just auditioned for a recurring announcer job for DirecTV and my agent thinks my chances are good. 

The DVD website continues to amaze and delight me. I recently discovered and hired a fabulous CGI designer who has made TheBIGPictureDVD.com wonderfully interactive and also mostly automated, saving me a tremendous amount of time managing the site. I have some other nifty ideas that will attract even more traffic to the site, which is now receiving about 2.5 million page visits a month. 

I've recently raised my ad rates for the first time, and lost two smaller sponsors in the process, but their loss was out gained by my sponsors who decided to stay the course and the other two huge sponsors that I should be picking up next month. I'm just waiting for their countersigned paperwork to arrive and have no reason to doubt that it won't, considering they are both clamoring to get on my site. Each of these accounts will be worth about $3k a month, raising the total income from the site as a whole to about $10k/mo by October if I'm right. Then, if I can provide the results they need to continue their marketing investment... I'll be able to start saving for next year's vacation. 

In a few days, Kim and the kids and I are packing it off for a week in the Bahamas. The best part about this vacation? It's already paid for... :-)

Thanks again, Jay, for all your help and for being such an incredible inspiration to me over the past ten years. I couldn't have done any of this without you or Guerrilla Marketing.

Best wishes,


Jeff McNeal, editor & publisher

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