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Read what fort worth seo guerrillas are saying about Jay Conrad Levinson:

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"Thank you for your outstanding presentation during our recent UniFrame meeting; our customers and sales staff were blown away.  In an industry where many speakers claim to be experts, your specific step-by-step advice, couple with your impressive background was exactly what we all needed."

- Dana Schindler, Great Lakes Window

"The best-selling classic, 'Guerrilla Marketing,' has helped to revolutionize marketing.  This is more than book.  It's winning edge."

- The Entrepreneur's Business Success Resource Guide

"Your guerrilla marketing talk was definitely the highlight of our seminar schedule.  In fact, many veteran attendees proclaimed you as the best speaker we have presented in our eight-year history."

- David Scroggy, Director, Comic Book Expo

"Jay is one of the foremost business marketing experts in the world. No one knows how to use the weapons of the trade better than industry expert Jay Levinson."

- Entrepreneur magazine

"A source of inspiration for many independent entrepreneurs."
- Booklist

"Every book by Jay Levinson is worth reading."

- Jane Applegate, author of Succeeding in Small Business

"'Guerrilla Marketing' books are among the best marketing books our reviewer has ever read."

- Seattle Times

"Slam dunk!  Without exception, every person who attended our guerrilla marketing seminar said it was well worth their time. Some even commented that they were glad others did not show up because now they have a jump on their competition."

Julie Lopresti
, Advertising Manager, Pacific Bell

"Ask almost any successful entrepreneur what the best book is for building a small business, and one of Levinson's titles will surely come up."

- Entrepreneur Business Success Guide

"You gave us concise, practical ideas to implement directly, and virtually all of them were applicable and affordable.  Our franchisers are now committed guerrillas and they will need what is really marketing weapon number one, a book full of more of your terrific ideas.  You are, by far, the best and more popular speaker we have ever had and PostalAnnex+ is sure to benefit from your presentation for years to come."

- David Wilkey, Director of Marketing, PostalAnnex+

"After 'Guerrilla Marketing' became a best-seller, the series took on a life of its own....irrevocably tied in with the unconventional, non-textbook, and practical wisdom of guerrilla business practices for small business."

- Home Office Computing

"A veritable plum pudding of marketing techniques and secrets."

- Los Angeles Times
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