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Here is a sneak-peek at what's inside guerrilla marketing seo:

One thing I can tell you is - Jay Levinson's material is never what you expect.  Even if you think you've heard it all, Jay's information will shock and amaze you.  I've had the pleasure of chatting with Jay face to face, and I can personally attest - Jay will rock your world.

Any single chapter of his course will be like a dose of Viagra to your business!  And his style is so clear and concise - it's deceptively simple.

  • Get the five "tickets" you (absolutely) need to succeed in the new millennium. Without them, you're going to be in big trouble.

  • "SEX? What the heck does sex have to do with guerrilla marketing?" More than you think.  Learn how to apply the seduction power of guerrilla marketing to your business today, and literally get droves of new customers with the raw power of a mating ritual.

  • You don't know it, but you are probably getting scammed (right now!) ten ways from Sunday - right under your very nose.  Learn the 10 biggest marketing myths.  They are not what you think.  Chances are, you are losing money this very moment by not knowing this critical information.

  • Learn all 100 lethal guerrilla marketing weapons. A whopping 62 of them are completely free.

  • Surprise! Marketing is not what you think it is. Read the course to find out what we mean.  This information will shock you at first - then it will make you dangerous!

  • Discover the many surprising ways that new millennium technology can give your small business a decidedly unfair advantage. Many of them have probably never occurred to you, and they are guaranteed to make your competitors furious.

  • There are 16 core secrets of guerrilla marketing.  You will learn an easy way to master them and instantly make your marketing more effective than ever before.

  • Warning: you are exactly 10 steps away from a guerrilla marketing attack.  Jay shows you what a guerrilla marketing attack is and how launching one is not nearly as hard as you think.  Jay makes it so clear and simple, it will make crushing your competitors like child's play.  And it's great fun!

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